New hire within recently started Faculty Cluster in Computational and Theoretical Physics

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Thomas Iadecola to the condensed matter physics group in our department.  He received his PhD from Boston University under the supervision of Prof. Claudio Chamon in 2017.  He has been a JQI Theoretical Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Maryland, College Park from 2017 - 2019.  Tom works on a variety of topics in quantum condensed matter theory, with special emphasis on out-of-equilibrium quantum systems and topological states of matter. On the nonequilibrium side, he studies properties of highly-excited many-body states and the surprising phenomena they harbor that challenge deeply ingrained intuition based on quantum statistical mechanics. On the topological side, he focuses on states of matter whose properties cannot be understood within the traditional paradigm of spontaneous symmetry breaking, and which could enable the robust storage and manipulation of quantum information.

Check out Tom Iadecola's recent research highlights.