Dr. Thomas Iadecola

Assistant Professor
Thomas Iadecola

I am a theorist using diverse analytical and numerical tools to study a variety of topics in quantum condensed matter. Research in my group focuses on out-of-equilibrium quantum systems and topological phases with a view towards emerging quantum technologies. On the nonequilibrium side, I study properties of highly-excited many-body states and the surprising phenomena they harbor that challenge deeply ingrained intuition based on quantum statistical mechanics. On the topological side, I focus on states of matter whose properties cannot be understood within the traditional paradigm of spontaneous symmetry breaking, and which could enable the robust storage and manipulation of quantum information. In addition to thinking about new phenomena, I grapple with ways to realize them in electronic and photonic systems, or using near-term quantum platforms.

Area of Expertise: 
Theoretical condensed matter physics
Ph.D., Physics, Boston University, 2017
Sc.B., Mathematics-Physics, Brown University, 2012
A517 Zaffarano, 2334 Pammel Dr