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Victor Quito

Victor Quito

  • Postdoc Research Associate
I am a postdoctoral researcher working on theoretical condensed matter physics in the field of strongly correlated systems. My research topics include Floquet engineering, frustrated magnetism, strongly disordered systems, and Kondo physics. Recently, I am also focusing on how nonlinear response can diagnose exotic excitations of many-body systems. My work is primarily analytical, with tools from field theory and statistical mechanics.

2021 – present: Postdoc at Iowa State University and Ames Lab with Prof. Peter Orth
2018 - 2021: Postdoc at Iowa State University with Prof. Rebecca Flint
2016 - 2018: Postdoc at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (MagLab), Theory Group position
2016: Ph.D. at University of Campinas, advisor: Prof. Eduardo Miranda. Title "Studies of Strongly Disordered Quantum Systems"
2010: Bachelor’s degree in physics, University of Campinas, Brazil

Contact Info

A512 Zaffarano
2323 Osborn Dr.